Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Pinkeye, A Ponytail and some Pity

It has been almost a week since my last post and I am feeling the blogger in me slowly die. I have been trying to get my fix of 'blog' by stalking/reading other blogs. Unfortunately the flavour of the blog month has been Halloween and, today, the US Presidential election.
To be honest - I think I am done with reading about those two things... I have a physical reaction to one of those topics. BUT I refuse to get on my soapbox about either topic. Instead, you can read my boring post about my miserable week.

It started out with such promise. I woke up Monday morning with a fire in my belly. I was ready to attack this week and the copious chores that I had let pile up. I whipped through the clothes folding and went straight on to the laundry. While the clothes were being spun and rinsed, I tore around the back yard with our non-motorised/environmentally friendly lawn mower and attacked the edges with our electric whipper snipper (weed eater). You can go here if you want to see an unattractive photo of me pushing the evil green mower - taken earlier this year.

Unfortunately while I woke with fire in my belly, LQ woke up with conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) and Dal woke up with a fever. While these things didn't seem to slow us down on Monday (Dal took and aced his GRE test), Tuesday was a completely different story altogether.

Dal called work and told them he was sick. LQ's pink eye moved to the other eye and the vacuuming remained undone. The main event of the day was getting a ponytail in LQ's "non-hair". If I had managed to have a shower on Tuesday, THAT would have been the main event.

AND THEN there was last night. There is one thing in this world that I treasure more than life itself.... and that is sleep. So when sleep doesn't come my way, I tend to let my inner two year old out and throw tantrums.... or pillows. LQ had sleep issues last night and would NOT let me drift off to my happy place. Instead she cried, and cried and watched some tv and cried some more. At about 2.30am I relinquished any notion of being wonder-wife and handed/threw LQ over to Dal. I had a quiet cry to myself as I released my frustration by throwing pillows and books at the wall.

So, today meant recovering from last night. This means, the floor is still not vacuumed. I felt like a failure this afternoon. But after a brief chat with my mum (what is the magical power my mum has?), I attacked the rest of the day like I attacked that lawn on Monday. And NOW I am ready to start my week!

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Misty said...

You have a physical reaction to Halloween?! Just kidding.

Thanks for keeping it real. I always love reading your blog because I know I'm not alone in feeling like I do.

Have a good week!