Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I'm sorry, I mistook you for a human child

As of half an hour ago our Boarder (D) has gone on an adventure to Tasmania. She and I were standing in her room yesterday afternoon discussing the many things she could do while she was down there.

Just before walking into her room, LQ had escaped my clutches in the middle of a nappy change. I thought "why not let the child run free for a bit?", she was certainly enjoying the naked freedom and I know I wouldn't want to be encumbered by a huge nappy all the time so why should she?

LQ came toddling into D's room looking all pleased with herself and casually leaned against D's bed. I knew it was going to happen before it even did. The words "if you pee in D's room...." were on the tip of my tongue and then I hear the sweet sound of liquid against floorboards. LQ looked like a drunk bald man on his way home that has stopped to whizz against a random wall - very satisfied.

I stood there frozen, knowing that if I tried to stop her mid-whiz, then we would be in even more trouble.... but how do you just let someone just stand there and pee against another's bed?

And more to the point... when did I get a puppy instead of a child? I thought we were rid of "accidents" when we gave our beagle puppy (Jemima) away. Obviously with children, you get the best of both worlds.

On a different note, we got another package from Grandma Jill yesterday. LQ loves her beanie. She has also found Dal's old style goggles and had to have a turn at putting them over her eyes (please excuse the MOUNTAIN of laundry in the background).

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Melanie said...

Somehow, as you were describing the scene, I pictured LQ in those special goggles of Dallas'. . . what a picture! I have a feeling we're in for MUCH worse than a puppy can dish out, having kids. . . what were we thinking?