Wednesday, 26 November 2008

We Are in Arizona

We made it into AZ at 12.30am this morning. Granny Jules and Grandpa came to pick us up, but our bags took so long to get off the plane, Granny Jules HAD to come inside and find us. LQ was very gracious and let Granny kiss her little face all over.

Since waking up this morning, LQ has been the pleasant little social butterfly that we know and love. She was also really happy to learn that there are stairs in the house for her to climb. Once she is done with her nap, I am sure she will want to tackle those stairs once more.

LQ already loves her Uncle Cam and she loves cheerios. Tomorrow she will meet her cousin Audrey and a whole lot of other relatives from Grandpa's side of the family. We are really excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow, we just hope we can keep our jetlagged eyes open!

LQ's "Diamond hair" in front of Diamond Head.

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