Friday, 29 October 2010

Thursday, 28 October 2010

They Could be Twins, Right?


Sorry it's fuzzy, it is the only picture I got of her smiling. p.s. this was taken before the embellishments.


Monday, 25 October 2010

Feeling Goo-oo-ood

There is no sensation that compares to the one that you get as you step into a nice hot shower on the first day of your period while your child naps.

If you are anything like me, then chances are good that you have taken some nice pain killing drugs to go along with that long hot shower that marks the end of an emotionally craptastic week.

I am sure you know that spectacular week that I am talking of. The one in which you are ready to commit yourself toward the end of it. The week in which your dear partner certainly should be able to read your mind and if he doesn't then he really has no business even breathing near you. And don't get me started on swinging between supermum/wife and the ugly fire breathing ogre that you see in the mirror that shouldn't be allowed within ten feet of any children.

All that garbage flows down the drain when I stand in the shower that could have no end.

Now... tell me. Do you have a sensation that beats mine? (try to keep it PG rated)

What do you want from me?

LQ just fell asleep on the floor watching "space Mickey" for the umpteenth time. There is something about that green Martian Mickey that just speaks to LQ. I didn't WANT her to have a nap today which why she is passed out on yesterday's cracker crumbs.

I thought I would take this opportunity to blog. I could be doing a thousand other things and I probably should get on to that salad that I am supposed to take to Granny's place tonight and LQ's Belle dress isn't going to make itself. Neither is our bed for that matter. Have I mentioned the pyjama pants that LQ peed in last night before going to bed? I should probably get them out of the sink and into the washing machine.

Plenty to do, but blogging is what I choose to do instead. I am sure I will find a different reason for not doing them once I have finished this post.

I feel like I have lost my blogging way. Somewhere along the way I thought I got boring. I thought about what to write and then I would think "nobody wants to read that". And then I would not write it. I would try harder to think of something unboring but would just end up sounding lame and so I wouldn't write that either.

I want to write on my blog. I am far from my friends and family and I want them to know what is going on in my life. That is how my blog started out... then I moved closer to most of my friends and family (that read my blog) and so my blog's purpose kind of changed a bit. Now, here I am, struggling with the change in life but not the change in blog purpose. Just to clarify - I'm not struggling with the change in life (I am embracing most of it, in fact), I am struggling with the fact that my blog purpose hasn't changed along with the life change. Got it? Good. So I guess this is me announcing that my blogging style may change a little. Not a lot, I am sure, but just a little.

And there will probably be a lot more pictures. Of LQ. Doing... Everything. What can I say? She's adorable, particularly when she's crapping her pants in the middle of her pretend treasure hunt at the park. It has happened on two different occasions now. At the same park. Good thing she isn't peeing on the slides anymore.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Could it BE?

Could this possibly be the worst picture ever taken? I came across this little beauty while looking for another photo. Behold my mother and two sisters in all their retarded glory.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I had this idea.

I would move to a different country and then I would change the look and name of my blog to represent the change in my life.


I guess things haven't changed enough to rid me of my laziness.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Tanks

I am pretty certain I haven't let you in on my best secret.

My parents are crazy. And we like to call them Bob and The Bean. That is NOT their real names (kinda).

That may or may not be my best secret.

Living at their house for a whole month made me privy to slightly more of their craziness. Take for example "The Tank". Water Tank. Not Blow-up-your-enemies Tank.

My parent's house does not have access to town water so they have septic sewerage, grey water systems, strict four minute shower limits, a small dam and of course rain water tanks galore. Two particular steel tanks were showing a little wear and tear and Bob decided he would create a concrete tank stand. He also thought that fixing up the tanks was a good idea.

Bob and The Bean swung back and forth between wanting to buy new tanks and fixing up the ones they already had. They finally rested on fixing up the old ones.

They needed to get inside the tanks to clean up the rust and debris. The problem Bob and The Bean encountered was the small opening in to the tanks. Bob likes to do things his way, but the openings into the tanks only allowed The Bean in. If you have met my mother, you would understand how she manages to get herself in there.

Here is Bob Supervising The Bean



The Bean Trying not to pass out from de-rusting fumes


My parents may have inhaled more than just de-rusting fumes.


Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dear DeNae

I know... I have a lot to catch up on. But I have priorities and the current top priority is composing a poem for DeNae.

You see, LQ and I just got done driving from Mesa to Salt Lake City. Why you ask? I asked myself the same question about 20 times on that 15 hour drive (did you know driving by yourself with a child makes journey's longer than what you expect? I didn't). Lucky for me DeNae and her half family were there to break up that drive (8 hours into it). So for the following 7 hours of driving that I did today, I tried to think of a poem that I could share with you all in gratitude for all that DeNae did. This is what I've come up with so far:

Dear DeNae
Thank you for the hugs
and Thank you for the drugs

I've realised prose isn't my forte. But that pretty much sums up my visit with DeNae. LQ refused to sleep. I got a headache and had a slight (ahem) freakout about "stuff" that turned into full blown sobbing. I could have blamed my stuffy sounding nose on their retarded (DeNae's word, not mine) dog, but instead opted to tell the truth about my meltdown. DeNae's family do meltdowns well. Her son had the drugs on hand before I even had a chance to decide. The only other male I know who does that is my husband. Love, love, love that family.

Highlights of our stay include LQ stripping down to paddle in the pool. LQ crawling through the doggy door - butt naked - several times. DeNae was lucky enough to witness LQ's chubby bum just disappearing out the door. I have a sneaking suspicion that DeNae runs a nudist colony on the side. It's the only way I can explain LQ's sudden interest in being naked in front of strangers (and a retarded dog). OF course I forgot the camera. Other highlights: DeNae, eating cookie dough, eating yummy white bean chilli, DeNae and her wonderful family, the retarded dog (LQ loved her) and chatting with DeNae.

p.s I've made it to my destination and will be thoroughly enjoying my day tomorrow. LQ will be playing with the daughters of one of my best friends while I enjoy an entire day with my friend at General Conference. Cross your fingers I don't fall asleep!... What? I'm tired, alright.