Monday, 26 July 2010

Camera Unload

Our fridge is small and likes to freeze things. The freezing problem stems from the fridge being too small and things being shoved too far back. Many times our fresh produce freezes and becomes unusable. I thought I could solve the problem by just throwing our produce outside (it has been cold enough). I glanced outside the other day and couldn't stop giggling at the whole situation.


I have been taking all the DVD's out of their cases and putting them in little plastic pockets. This reduces the volume which is generally a good thing when you have limited space when moving internationally. LQ thought this pose might help sell the empty cases.


We finally celebrated Dal's birthday - five days later.



Speaking of birthday's, LQ's DayCarer had a birthday recently, so I spent the whole time I had without LQ making this for the Lovely "Hannah" (That's what LQ calls her).


LQ and I spent today rediscovering the dressing up box. LQ chose all my outfits.






Tuesday, 20 July 2010

When you're the best of friends...

I am a lucky girl.

From all the moving around that I've done in my lifetime I have acquired a good set of friends. They are all as different as could be. There are different parts of each of their characters that complement my personality. My favourite thing about all these lovely people is that despite my really bad "keeping in touch" skills they still love me and want to be a part of my life.

As mentioned in the last post, Dal has been away. I have been reminded, again, that I just wouldn't cut it as a single mother. Hats off to all the single mothers out there - not sure where you find your inner strength because I sure as heck don't know where mine is.

I arranged a play date with a friend for today. She has an almost four year old and a one year old. If you've been around this blog long enough you may recognise "bibby's" name. LQ's bestie... she's the almost four year old. So Bibby's mum and I were looking forward to a good chat and rest from the girls while they played for hours with each other.

Yeah right. Every mother has fallen into that trap before - expecting something magical to happen to their kids. And that magical thing didn't happen.

The kids were feral... the mothers just needing a break... and I almost left. But I just needed to be out of the house. So I stuck it out.

And then we slobbed on the couch. We ate party pies for lunch. We ate too many cookies. We played puzzles and drew all over each other. "N" and I laughed at our kids. We looked at each other with tired and sick eyes and understood without saying anything. And then we went for a drive... just because the kids would be restrained.

I loved it. LQ loved it. And I love my friend for putting up with us for five whole hours. From an outsider's point of view it would have looked like the most unspecial kind of day. But to me it was my favourite.

I felt the love. Thanks N for the perfect day.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hel in Real Life - A post devoid of emotion (maybe)

What is really going on in my life. Just the cold hard facts - because sometimes I just waffle on on this blog.

In just under two months we are taking the Dal, Hel and Bel show to Mesa, Arizona (United States for anyone who is confused). We still don't have an exact date that we will be flying over because the great agent rates that Dal gets only work if we book the flights less than 30 days out. But we are planning on trying to get flights on the 5th, 6th or 7th of September.

We wont be taking much and that is ok, because for our entire married life, Dal and I have been preparing to move to the states. We have bought crappy furniture that we couldn't possibly become attached to (maybe). We have been ruthless with culling every time we move. So if you are in the Hobart area and feel like rummaging through our stuff and maybe giving a couple of dollars for something you think you may want, watch this space. I'll let you know when we plan to sell it all.

Dal's parents, particularly his mother, have been having lots of fun finding second hand furniture to fill the home we will be renting. I can't tell you how grateful I am to them for saving me from that added stress. Just between you and me, I have a feeling that Dal's mom has relished every moment of filling that house with furniture. I feel like we've done better than when we first got married!!! Thanks Mom (and Dad)!

Dal is currently in Vegas on a whirlwind tour for the agency he works for (DeNae he may have peeked in your window last night to say hello). He has had a couple of nights of debauchery and should be on his way to visit his mom shortly. We packed a couple of suitcases for him to take over. It was sad for me.

I have just finished up 2 1/2 months of part time work (monday to friday, 10am-3pm) as a fill in receptionist. I believe those 2 1/2 months took its toll on our little family. Priorities got pushed to the side and we switched to survival mode. I am now savouring every moment of my stay at home status and working towards getting back our "normal" life and routines.

LQ continues to dance and hasn't said "Ah, BUM!" in over a week. She will continue to go to family daycare once a week - on Friday's because that is when her best friend goes. Her best friend is a little boy just a bit younger than her and I have it on good authority that if you could bottle their constant giggles we could cure all sorts of terminal illnesses.

I made brownies today. The recipe called for FIVE eggs. That means they are the best brownies I have tasted in LONG time.

THE END. (Any Questions?)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Names changed to protect the innocent

I received an email just about a week ago that made me laugh and cry at the same time. I asked the sender if I could post it on my blog. She wrote back and told me that I could put it on my blog if I didn't use her name - she said that she still likes people to believe she has it all together still. Which is probably one of the reasons why I laughed so much at the first email - it was such a delight to get such a raw and untouched account of her day. So without further ado... my friend's day.

Daughter didn't sleep last night. Well that's an exaggeration. She slept from 9-11 then 11:30-1 then 4-7 But Husband woke me up at 6. I've dragged myself through the day. Done absolutely nothing except go out to buy fast food. I've got a head cold to top it off. Daughter is choking on 2 min noodles (it took all my energy to make them) in the other room and I'm not even going to check on her. I'm sure she'll pull them up. One of those days I feel like a bad mother but I guess I'm just a sick and tired mother. She's giggling to herself now. Guess she didn't choke to death. Sigh... good to know I'm not the only one struggling to get through the day.
Did you get a nap?
A Friend told me that that mother that she nannied for that was a dancer would just sleep all day while her kids took care of themselves. They survived. I don't think I would be able to sleep though. I just put a movie on and cuddle with Daughter so if she moves I wake up.
Before I had Daughter I promised myself I wouldn't have crumbs in the car. Now as I put her into the car and she's cranky I say "Look Daughter a sultana from last week" and feed it to her and am thankful it was there. What has happened to me???
Hopefully we have a better day tomorrow. And I hope LQ feels better. Poor chicken.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bum Indeed

Last week I told Dal that he needed to start watching what he says in front of LQ. Her speech is becoming clearer so anything she repeats will actually be recognised now. Upon hearing my caution, Dal turned to LQ and asked her to repeat after him. She did so - word for word. My point was made. Dal thought it was hilarious.

I forgot to give Grandma the same memo so the start of last week saw the beginning of LQ's now favourite phrase - "Oh BUM!" Everywhere we went, if there was something that went slightly wrong, LQ would furnish us with an "Ah, BUM!"

It was very cute really until Sunday when she dropped her cracker during sacrament (for all the non-Mormons - kind of like when the wine and crackers are being handed out during mass). Everyone likes to be quiet and reverent during this sombre moment of Church. Of course things aren't so reverent when the 3 year old sitting at the back lets out an "AH, BUM!" while sitting next to her sixteen year old Uncle. Fits of giggles all round.

I am just thanking my lucky stars that Grandma didn't say "poop and bum" instead.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

How NOT to make babies

I am sure it is no secret that Dal and I want to have more than one child. We are really happy with the one we have (although sometimes you would be forgiven for thinking we are not) and would like more of the same.

For reasons we are not sure of just yet, we haven't been very successful in the baby making business this last year. We haven't been very proactive about it... just a kind of lazy baby making (Fi, are you freaking out yet? Too much information?).

Last month I said "ENOUGH". Time to get serious about this project (do you see my project list on the side there? It hasn't changed in almost 9 months. I am SO good at completing projects). So I went to the chemist and bought myself an Ovulation prediction kit. I stood in the baby making (or NON baby making) aisle in the chemist for way too long trying to decide if I wanted to catch my pee in a cup or for $5 more just pee on a stick. I guess I am cheaper than I thought because I went with the cup to save my $5.

And then I waited for the day to come when I could use my little kit. We didn't have too many visitors to the house that month, but the ones that came over and used our bathroom were lucky enough to be confronted with the whale sized box that my kit came in. Yep... the Petersen's are "TRYING".

The day arrived that I could start using my "pee in a cup" kit. It turned into an interesting juggling act when LQ walked in halfway through and wanted to help. I believe my attempt at being careful may have been more successful if I hadn't managed to throw pee all over myself and the walls. Don't worry, there was still some left in the cup to test. LQ was very interested in that part of the process too. I had to stand there for "not less than five minutes but no more than ten minutes" constantly pulling LQ's hand away from the specimen. "No, LQ. Yucky". Once everything had been cleaned up LQ proclaimed it a success and said "Good girl, Mummy. Good girl."

OI! I am pretty certain a woman with a similar experience to mine invented the pee on a stick version.

Side note: Dallas managed to be in Thailand when I ovulated. I am pretty certain that's NOT how you make babies.