Saturday, 10 July 2010

Names changed to protect the innocent

I received an email just about a week ago that made me laugh and cry at the same time. I asked the sender if I could post it on my blog. She wrote back and told me that I could put it on my blog if I didn't use her name - she said that she still likes people to believe she has it all together still. Which is probably one of the reasons why I laughed so much at the first email - it was such a delight to get such a raw and untouched account of her day. So without further ado... my friend's day.

Daughter didn't sleep last night. Well that's an exaggeration. She slept from 9-11 then 11:30-1 then 4-7 But Husband woke me up at 6. I've dragged myself through the day. Done absolutely nothing except go out to buy fast food. I've got a head cold to top it off. Daughter is choking on 2 min noodles (it took all my energy to make them) in the other room and I'm not even going to check on her. I'm sure she'll pull them up. One of those days I feel like a bad mother but I guess I'm just a sick and tired mother. She's giggling to herself now. Guess she didn't choke to death. Sigh... good to know I'm not the only one struggling to get through the day.
Did you get a nap?
A Friend told me that that mother that she nannied for that was a dancer would just sleep all day while her kids took care of themselves. They survived. I don't think I would be able to sleep though. I just put a movie on and cuddle with Daughter so if she moves I wake up.
Before I had Daughter I promised myself I wouldn't have crumbs in the car. Now as I put her into the car and she's cranky I say "Look Daughter a sultana from last week" and feed it to her and am thankful it was there. What has happened to me???
Hopefully we have a better day tomorrow. And I hope LQ feels better. Poor chicken.


Tina said...

Stopping by to say hello and that I am thinking of you.

Your Utah Friend,


Ev said...

Thank God for your blog! I can say that in a non-blaspheming way because I literally mean
"Thank GOD for your blog!". I am having an "I am the crappiest mother in the universe day" which has been magnified by an email I got from a friend this morning all about how magically her homeschooling is going and how close her 5 year old daughter is to her 'learning goals'.

I think this post has saved me from locking myself in my wardrobe for the rest of the day- so thanks. And my children thank you too :)