Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bum Indeed

Last week I told Dal that he needed to start watching what he says in front of LQ. Her speech is becoming clearer so anything she repeats will actually be recognised now. Upon hearing my caution, Dal turned to LQ and asked her to repeat after him. She did so - word for word. My point was made. Dal thought it was hilarious.

I forgot to give Grandma the same memo so the start of last week saw the beginning of LQ's now favourite phrase - "Oh BUM!" Everywhere we went, if there was something that went slightly wrong, LQ would furnish us with an "Ah, BUM!"

It was very cute really until Sunday when she dropped her cracker during sacrament (for all the non-Mormons - kind of like when the wine and crackers are being handed out during mass). Everyone likes to be quiet and reverent during this sombre moment of Church. Of course things aren't so reverent when the 3 year old sitting at the back lets out an "AH, BUM!" while sitting next to her sixteen year old Uncle. Fits of giggles all round.

I am just thanking my lucky stars that Grandma didn't say "poop and bum" instead.


DeNae said...

My nephew, at about LQ's age, actually blurted out "Aw, Sh**" during sacrament meeting. I think he was raised in a far more wicked home than even yours.

*~Petra~* said...

Brilliant! My mum loves to tell the story where I stood up in Sacrament meeting and starting singing "Hot Cross BUMS" to everyone. I personally love sitting next to kids like that... makes church all the more interesting... :)