Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I am asking everyone

I have just posed this question of Facebook and I thought I would try here too.

Has anyone had a young child who caught cold and coughs as often as at least once a month lasting for at least two weeks? And on top of that, has said sick child gotten to the point every time that he or she was coughing during the night until he/she vomits?

We go to the doctor each time and all LQ gets is another round of antibiotics. I asked for a referral to a paediatrician this time and the doctor told me that it wouldn't be worth my time because there wasn't anything generally wrong with LQ. I want to scream. Help me if you can.

snot and chocolate

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

While we are away

While we have been away, Dal has written lots of beautiful emails to us. I asked Dal's permission to post one of his emails on our blog. Here it is:

Dear Isabel,
It has now been over one week since you have gone away. Oftentimes I am scrolling through the channels on the TV and I will come upon Playhouse, Postman Pat, The Waybuloos, and several of your other favorite shows. I will sit and watch them for a moment, hoping that the cheerful dialogue and uplifting music will somehow summon you from your bedroom where you will toddle up to me, scoot your way onto the couch next to me and give me cuddles while we watch TV together.

Piglet is very anxiously awaiting your return as well. Every morning I will open the door to your bedroom where I find Piglet propped up on your pillow looking sadly at the little television which has remained off since you left. The Mickey and Minnie quilt also eagerly await your return so we can all (Mickey, Minnie, Piglet, Bunny Bear, and Daddy) snuggle up on the bed, watch a few episodes of Donald Duck, and then read "Olivia" and "Where Is The Green Sheep" before going to sleep.

Your ladder is also very lonely, sitting next to the refrigerator unused and forgotten. Tonight Daddy made pizza and had to slice the French bread, cut the pepperoni, and sprinkle the cheese all by himself because the ladder had no one to stand on.

Daddy knows you are having fun eating chocolate, going to the beach, and playing with Kirra Louise. Daddy has also been having fun reading his book, watching movies, and eating chocolate of his own. But the chocolate has slightly lost its savor. Daddy was waiting to hear the patter of awkward footsteps the moment he started crinkling open the chocolate wrapping, but you did not come and Daddy had to eat the chocolate all by himself.

Please be good for Mummy and remember to obey her when she asks you to eat your dinner, brush your teeth, or go to bed. You are almost three years old now and becoming such a grown up beautiful girl. Just remember that Daddy loves you and he cannot wait for you to come home and give him cuddles.
Love, Daddy

PS. Daddy is saving LOTS of chocolate!