Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I am asking everyone

I have just posed this question of Facebook and I thought I would try here too.

Has anyone had a young child who caught cold and coughs as often as at least once a month lasting for at least two weeks? And on top of that, has said sick child gotten to the point every time that he or she was coughing during the night until he/she vomits?

We go to the doctor each time and all LQ gets is another round of antibiotics. I asked for a referral to a paediatrician this time and the doctor told me that it wouldn't be worth my time because there wasn't anything generally wrong with LQ. I want to scream. Help me if you can.

snot and chocolate


Misty said...

You should see if maybe she has something up her nose. Kids are fairly unfazed by things in their noses but it can cause an infection and look like a runny nose and cough. I hope that's not too alarmist. The easy answer is allergies.

Miriam said...

Doesn't sound like allergies to me. How many months? Not something up her nose - wouldn't cause a cough (just snot etc) I think. Coughing till you vomit isn't fun but it's not that uncommon. My sister Libby knows all about that one, she and 2 of her kids are in whooping cough recovery (it's called the 100 day cough). Don't panic, your little one is healthy for a couple of weeks a month. My very best suggestion is to keep a health diary and put together a summary sheet of relevant history when you go to the Dr/pediatrician. This helps the Dr to home in on the important bits, without you having to verbally explain it all in your 15 mins. Time efficient and also MUCH better at getting you taken seriously. I've actually heard of a Dr disagreeing with a woman over the gender of her own children because he had the wrong sex written down in his file: If you write it down they are more likely to believe you, they read faster than you can speak anyhow, and they are less likely to typecast you and stop listening.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

If you want a referal, demand one even if the doctor says "it doesn't matter." I agree with keeping a written health history.

Also at night, coughing can happen just because the throat gets irritated by draining snot. Benadryl or other antihistimines might help. Also a humidifier? Good luck!!

Andrew and Amy said...

I hope things clear up soon! I would definetly pester the Doc. until he gives you the referal or get a 2nd opinion. Be careful with the antibiotics, I've read that our bodies can build up a tollerence to them so they aren't as effective. It could also be a virus. That would explain why she isn't responding to the antibiotics. Poor Isabel, I hate it when Jackson even get's the sniffles. Give her our love. We'll keep her in our prayers. Keep us posted!

The Kroks said...

Before I give you my advice let me just say I am saying this with love and because I want to help and it is my opinion, not everyone will agree, but another perspective for a solution is sometimes helpful. To me, the answer is in the picture you posted. Chocolate could be a HUGE factor as to why she has trouble getting over her sniffles. And I don't know what she eats all the time, I am only saying this because of the picture you posted. Chocolate dries out the throat and while her little body is trying to fight that cold, it is also trying to process, and essentially fight, the sugar and fat that is in chocolate or other processed foods for that matter. I'm not saying be a total health freak but every child is different and some children are more intolerant of things than others. So my advice to you is just watch her nutrition, try to have her eat at least one kind of fruit and one kind of veg a day, drink water, even if you have to put a small amount of cordial or juice in it to make her want to drink it, and limit processed sugars especially while she is sick. Orange colored fruit and veg have a good amount of Vit C in them which helps the immune system, but if she doesn't like to eat those kind of things they have really good chewable Vit. C you can buy and kids just think it is candy! And if you are already doing these things (like I said, I have no idea what she eats all the time) then I don't know what could be causing them or what you should do. Just don't hate me for my advice! I know people who are heaps offended to be told what to feed their kids, so if I have offended you I'm sorry, you asked for some advice and this is my answer. I know how hard it is to deal with a sick kid so I hope she gets better soon and you are able to find a solution that works for you.

The Parsons Family said...

dairy dairy dairy! Look into it! Came over from Bron's blog.