Saturday, 1 May 2010

LQ's Third Birthday

I told my sister I was above it. I told her that I didn't need to give my child a big birthday party. I was on course with keeping that vow. LQ's first birthday consisted of a number seven candle, some disgusting store bought cupcakes and a crying fit to end all crying. Her second birthday may have been a little better, but we didn't stray far from the first birthday experience.

I thought it would be fun to organise a birthday party for her. She's three now, so she'd be able to appreciate it at least. She did. But it was a lot of work for me, because I tend to make things bigger than they really should be.

Here is her birthday in pictures. Be prepared... my sister is just as snap happy as I am - there a LOT of pictures.

Setting Up

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Play Time

Pizza and Cuddles

Eating the Cookies

Decorating the Cake

Eating the Pizza

Blowing out the Candles and Enjoying the Presents

Did you make it through all those pictures? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You win the "Most Patient Person of the Year" Award. OR you are one of LQ's many grandparents.


DeNae said...

I'm neither patient nor a grandparent, but I made it through the pix. I can understand why you don't do parties, Helen. This was clearly such an incredible undertaking! You are AMAZING. Happy Birthday, Isabel!

Nikki said...

I loved all the was the best party ever. The aprons and hats are the cutest things. Thankyou so much for all your effort. Livy had SO much fun. Love ya xx

Miriam said...

I am jealous that Mum got to take Hannah instead of me! She raved about it. The hat and apron were beautiful. Authentic, homegrown parties are exhausting for parents, but somehow it is worth it isn't it? Gotta hear more about those cheesecake balls sometime...

The Williams family said...

oh man that was sooo cute
how cute is that Josh williams he he
and bootiful pics of you and Fee
this was so so sosososososo good
but ive kinda said that already huh
hahahabut its truuue
you are so cool Helen.
yep cheesecake pops to die for and the cutest aprons.soooo much work
hey the boys wore them when they got home.helping me with the dinner which was pizza coz we had left over dough.
anyway better leave b4 i take up your day while reading this comment
love you

Essie said...

AWWWWESOOOOOME!! I love cute things and I think that was the cutest party EVA!! Loved it! You did a superdooperiffic job with it Helen!! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

Gran Denny said...

Helen, you are amazing, that looks like the best birthday a three year old could wish for. Now what are the choc dipped balls on sticks please, and how about the amazing hats and aprons. did you make those hats and what sort of fabric are they and how do they fasten? A post on how the hats and aprons were made would be great. You have us sooo intrigued. Happy birthday Isabel!

Gran Denny said...

ps We think you should be a professional party planner!

Aimee said...

sorry for stalking your blog helen, but I'm with gran denny... you should be a pro party planner. I'd pay ya for a party like that :)

Mary-Anne said...

All right I am a little slow to comment!!! Thank you for a great party! You have definately given me a bench mark to aim for!!!