Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Very Happy UnBirthday

First things first - I wanted to thank you for showing your love on my post before the LQ update. It was really nice to see a few newbies and of course my "old faithful" blogging friends.

Did you know I study out information before I write my posts sometimes?

Today I researched my past birthday blog posts. LAME! The first birthday that I had while blogging went completely unnoticed. The second year I blogged through my birthday. Want to know what I did for my birthday last year? Woke up too early, crashed on the couch and felt entitled to a day without child.

Pathetic. How does an extrovert miss two BIG opportunities for unabashed loving on herself? This year I am determined to do it differently.

I have a husband who will write a blog post about how wonderful I am - he doesn't know that he's doing that yet, but husbands are supposed to do those things, aren't they? Then I was thinking of doing something with the wonderful friends that I've made here in Hobart.

the problem: I am at a loss as to what to do. I have a feeling that I will just be too tired to feel like doing anything. So, do I just sleep for my birthday or spend quality time with friends and family (if yes, what should I do with them?)? My brain is fried - I need YOU to make the decision for me.

As an incentive to make my decisions for me, I'll randomly pick a comment from this post on my birthday and send that person a chocolate care package. You know you need it!


The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

I'd love to hear from the dear husband. Even if you don't do it for your birthday, it'd be fun.

Essie said...

YES! You SO need to celebrate! I'm not good with ideas though! Ummm, you put on awesome cooking parties...(I would so love to take home an apron and chef's hat, do you make them in big head size?! Hehe) Oh but if your feeling tired then go with that and have a pamper party where you get everyone to pamper and spoil you! Whatever, you should do something! Just think, a party blog is heaps more exciting than an I did nothing for my birthday blog!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Okay (don't laugh), we've recently started going to a karaoke place with some friends and it is SO FUN. The word spreads and our group keeps getting bigger. On Saturday, there were 17 of us there, and it was a blast. So try that, you'll have fun.

Miriam said...

I found this post on "The Power of Mums" website: www.powerofmoms.com/articles/what-i-really-want-for-mothers-day.html
I think you'll get a few ideas. For example, taking time to plan goals for yourself and asking for support to meet them is a great birthday idea.

Nikki said...

I am more than happy to come and pamper you if you'd like.....but I think a delicious hot chocolate from the bakehouse would be an absolute winner. Haha

Gran Denny said...

I'm for Karaoke!!!!! What a great suggestion Steph, it is GREAT fun.

Stephen and Chernoa said...

Karaoke is AWESOME:) Pampering is fun for all involved even if you are the one pampering. HMMMM and i can never see enough chick flicks so maybe that too;)

The Williams family said...

oh great did i miss your birthday
love you! hope it was fab!
heaps a love

Anonymous said...

i will massage your feet while we have a game of 'therapy' : ) oh, and i have a bag of chips

Tina said...

Hey Helen,

Just checking in to say hello! You are so funny. I love reading your posts. Do you have any more definite days on when you are U.S. bound?

Ev said...

Bron took me here http://www.tasmania4adventure.com.au/peppermint.html for my birthday last year... soooo beautiful and great for the kids too.. then she took me on this cool art trail thingy but it was too muddy so we couldn't go the whole way :( But it was a BEAUTIFUL day out :)