Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Status - Married

There was once a time before Dal and I were married.

I would occasionally watch the original CSI (no other CSI stacks up). There were many dead guys to be identified and many suspects to be undone. One particular dead guy while laying on the slab gave up a secret with an indent on his finger.

There was no wedding ring on the left hand of this man that had met an untimely demise but those fabulous CSI knew instantly he was a married man because of the indent that his wedding ring had made over time.

Despite it being a morbid scene, I was touched. I could not wait for the day that I could be identified as being married just by the indent on my finger.

I forgot to put my rings back on my finger today after my weekly shower. It was only as I drove away from dance class this morning that I noticed - and quietly celebrated. I had achieved Indent Status.

Ring Finger


Nikki said...

hahahaha. Awesome!

DeNae said...

I love seeing that indent on my husband's hand. We've been married longer than we were single; that beautiful indent has had 25 years to get comfy!

Anonymous said...

i hope you are keeping a copy of your blog helen. you are very talented in writing. I am just trying to write in my journal and i feel sorry if you ever get to read it because it will be tedious and boring.jc ps i do have other talents!!