Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Tanks

I am pretty certain I haven't let you in on my best secret.

My parents are crazy. And we like to call them Bob and The Bean. That is NOT their real names (kinda).

That may or may not be my best secret.

Living at their house for a whole month made me privy to slightly more of their craziness. Take for example "The Tank". Water Tank. Not Blow-up-your-enemies Tank.

My parent's house does not have access to town water so they have septic sewerage, grey water systems, strict four minute shower limits, a small dam and of course rain water tanks galore. Two particular steel tanks were showing a little wear and tear and Bob decided he would create a concrete tank stand. He also thought that fixing up the tanks was a good idea.

Bob and The Bean swung back and forth between wanting to buy new tanks and fixing up the ones they already had. They finally rested on fixing up the old ones.

They needed to get inside the tanks to clean up the rust and debris. The problem Bob and The Bean encountered was the small opening in to the tanks. Bob likes to do things his way, but the openings into the tanks only allowed The Bean in. If you have met my mother, you would understand how she manages to get herself in there.

Here is Bob Supervising The Bean



The Bean Trying not to pass out from de-rusting fumes


My parents may have inhaled more than just de-rusting fumes.



Donna said...

that is hysterical...and I love "the bean"

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Wow. uh. Wow. That's a tank.

Nikki said...

hahahaha. LOVE IT.

fifi said...

Oh man. And I'm returning to this insanity in February.