Monday, 25 October 2010

Feeling Goo-oo-ood

There is no sensation that compares to the one that you get as you step into a nice hot shower on the first day of your period while your child naps.

If you are anything like me, then chances are good that you have taken some nice pain killing drugs to go along with that long hot shower that marks the end of an emotionally craptastic week.

I am sure you know that spectacular week that I am talking of. The one in which you are ready to commit yourself toward the end of it. The week in which your dear partner certainly should be able to read your mind and if he doesn't then he really has no business even breathing near you. And don't get me started on swinging between supermum/wife and the ugly fire breathing ogre that you see in the mirror that shouldn't be allowed within ten feet of any children.

All that garbage flows down the drain when I stand in the shower that could have no end.

Now... tell me. Do you have a sensation that beats mine? (try to keep it PG rated)


fifi said...

This is one of those "scary" posts helen haha. But alas I'm thinking and thinking and thinking and no amazing sensation comes to mind. I guess nothing beats a good armpit wax?

Ev said...

chocolate on a sunday afternoon when you are STARVING from church comes pretty close :)