Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dear DeNae

I know... I have a lot to catch up on. But I have priorities and the current top priority is composing a poem for DeNae.

You see, LQ and I just got done driving from Mesa to Salt Lake City. Why you ask? I asked myself the same question about 20 times on that 15 hour drive (did you know driving by yourself with a child makes journey's longer than what you expect? I didn't). Lucky for me DeNae and her half family were there to break up that drive (8 hours into it). So for the following 7 hours of driving that I did today, I tried to think of a poem that I could share with you all in gratitude for all that DeNae did. This is what I've come up with so far:

Dear DeNae
Thank you for the hugs
and Thank you for the drugs

I've realised prose isn't my forte. But that pretty much sums up my visit with DeNae. LQ refused to sleep. I got a headache and had a slight (ahem) freakout about "stuff" that turned into full blown sobbing. I could have blamed my stuffy sounding nose on their retarded (DeNae's word, not mine) dog, but instead opted to tell the truth about my meltdown. DeNae's family do meltdowns well. Her son had the drugs on hand before I even had a chance to decide. The only other male I know who does that is my husband. Love, love, love that family.

Highlights of our stay include LQ stripping down to paddle in the pool. LQ crawling through the doggy door - butt naked - several times. DeNae was lucky enough to witness LQ's chubby bum just disappearing out the door. I have a sneaking suspicion that DeNae runs a nudist colony on the side. It's the only way I can explain LQ's sudden interest in being naked in front of strangers (and a retarded dog). OF course I forgot the camera. Other highlights: DeNae, eating cookie dough, eating yummy white bean chilli, DeNae and her wonderful family, the retarded dog (LQ loved her) and chatting with DeNae.

p.s I've made it to my destination and will be thoroughly enjoying my day tomorrow. LQ will be playing with the daughters of one of my best friends while I enjoy an entire day with my friend at General Conference. Cross your fingers I don't fall asleep!... What? I'm tired, alright.


Bron Williams said...

15 HOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaargh
ha ha thinking of you and loved Danaes post about YOU !!! :)
gen conf how fun.I will look for you in the crowd or maybe a pick of you in the ensign :)
hobart town is sunny today and still sleepy but pizzas are still cookin at seven mile beach :)
so good we can keep in touch via ole blogland xx

Melanie Jacobson said...

Aw, shucks. I'm jealous you got to hang with her.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Are you still in Utah? Or did I miss it? Acckkkkk

DeNae said...

Hugs and drugs. That's pretty much the theme song around here. It was awesome to have you here! And I hope you post about your conference experiences.