Sunday, 9 November 2008

LQ Update

LQ has developed a few cute habits recently that I just NEED to share with you.

Our boarder, D, babysat for us last night while Dal and I went grocery shopping.  The plan was for D to try and put LQ to sleep at about 9pm.  Instead of going to see a film we decided to go home (we were both just too tired).  We arrived just after LQ had fallen asleep on our bed, much to the delight of D.  While taking the groceries in, Dal and I left the front door open.  As I walked down the hall away from the front door and our bedroom, I heard a little creaking sound.  I turned to find what the sound was only to see little LQ walking out the front door.  It turns out LQ can get off our bed quite nimbly and of course headed straight for the front door because that is where her favourite stairs are.

LQ seems to have taken a disliking to the credits that roll at the end of each of her shows.  I blame myself.  When I sit and watch a tv show with her, I tend to change the channel as soon as the show is finished ie. before the end credits.  Now whenever LQ is subjected to such silliness she makes a whining sound looks for the remote control and gives it to me..... to make sure I get rid of those silly credits as soon as possible.

LQ likes our Wii.  She enjoys watching Dal and I play Mario Kart so much, she will turn the Wii on, find the controls, give them to us and continuing pushing the controls into our hands until we acquiesce.  Of course it is such a CHORE for us to play the Wii.

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