Sunday, 9 November 2008

It's the Blair Witch Project all over again

I am not sure if I and my group of friends were just silly, but I remember when the Blair Witch Project was released, we were told that it was a REAL documentary and believed it. I am sure that had I seen the Blair Witch Project when I KNEW that it was a real life documentary, it would have made for a VERY exciting and thrilling experience. Unfortunately, I managed to avoid seeing the film until after all the hype had died down and it was common knowledge that it was indeed directed and produced very well.

Now I am in a situation that is quite like the Blair Witch Project. Well sort of like the situation I was in when the Blair Witch Project came out.

Just recently a new blog appeared that seemed to gain popularity really quickly. It is a story of a girl who is in love with her best friend. Sound familiar? I am sure you have heard the story many times. This blog was well written and had me hooked. I LOVED that it was a real person who was able to tell a fantastic story of her love life. I fell in love with it because it reminded me so much of my own tragic love stories. I was hooked. I would check her blog at least six times a day in the hopes of another update in her train wreck love life. Every now and then I would have a sneaking suspicion that maybe someone was just having us all on, but I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind because I really enjoyed believing it was real.

AND THEN, the author of the blog revealed the truth behind it all. I was so impressed with how well she had me hooked. She took votes on whether she should continue, I voted yes. I was intrigued as to how the story ended. I am not one of those people that became really mad, I was more jealous that she had been able to draw so many people in with her writing!

I still read My Super Hopeless Romance. But it is just like the Blair Witch Project. Now that I know it isn't real, it seems to have lost a lot of its allure and excitement. I will continue reading it, only now it will be without the obsessive lurking that was involved before.

This guy ruined my real life super hopeless romances. I should tell you all about it one day.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

That was so dang funnnnny! I totally agree!

Thanks for following me all the way from Australia. So fun to have an Aussie on board.

Brit Jean said...

oh no. you got me hooked on that blog now too! so cute.

looks like i'll be doing LESS studying and MORE reading of that blog.


Funny Farmer said...

Hi Aussies! I followed the Big Dummy over here. Love that girl.

LOVE the Blair Witch Project parallel. Many layers of irony in your comparison--I am still chortling over that. Sue will be so pleased! (oh and you bet she'll know - I think she trolls the blogosphere for any mention of MSHRomance.)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

SO I came over from Crash's site...people call her dummy but I think that's racist so I just call her Crash...but anyway...just from this post I can tell I'm going to like your writing alot! :)

Plus I'm obsessed with really from there? Or did you just put that on your profile so you would look a lot cooler and more intriguing...cause I wish I would've thought of that! :)

Dal, Hel & Bel said...

CTD: I'm glad I could be an Aussie for you!

brit jean: I HATE when I lose three hours by stumbling across a good blog. So sorry!

funny farmer: The only reason I mentioned the blog's name was so I could get in on the Super Hopeless Romance action!

shelle: I'm glad you made it all the way over here. CTD gave me a nickname, so I might give her one... what do you think of Testie? Yes, I am completely Australian. Although I married an American, so I am not as cool as I should be.

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Thank you Helen for getting me addicted to a fake blog :) Instead of doing laundry or something useful during Audrey's nap I spend the whole time reading about Cordy and Seth. Obviously I have to see what happens, so I will be continually checking my super hopeless romance.

Wendyburd1 said...

Crash said she had an Aussie follower, which made me so jealous, hey I am 1/4 Aussie, so what up with that?!LOL

I was 100% fooled by "Cordy" and am a bit bitter, I just think the author should have come clean after maybe 20 emails with people pouring their hearts out to her, or a fake her. Not wait for 100's. Just my opinion

Hel said...

Oh I am so sorry Amelia!! I know how frustrating it is to find that the precious nap time has been whittled away by frivolous blog reading. I am, sadly, quite good at doing it. I give you permission to hit me when you see me.

Wendyburd: Yeah, I get it. I guess because I was so guarded I wasn't as invested as others were in the whole thing. maybe if she hadn't protested being told she was fake.... I guess it's a lesson learned.