Friday, 14 November 2008

A Grand Day Out.... in Glenfield

Today Dal, Hel and Bel ventured out of the city to a little place called Glenfield. To be honest, it is only a 30 minute drive from our house, but as we were driving out there, I felt as though I had stepped into a different (country) town altogether.

The reason for our venturing was Dal's thesis advisor, Matthew. He and his lovely wife (Kyoko) invited us over for lunch and as we Petersens can never resist a free meal, even if it is in a different land than ours, we accepted. LQ met her new friends Miyako and Kent. Miyako was very excited to have a "little sister" to play with for the afternoon. Unfortunately, LQ hasn't learned the social grace of playing with another person, so I fear little Miyako may have been a little disappointed with her "little sister". She did seem content to follow LQ around and try to tell her what to do, though.

LQ got to dress up in a pretty princess costume with Miyako.

She also found some fellow avid tv watchers.
LQ found a bright pink chair that she took a liking to. She carried it around where ever she pleased and then would just sit.
We had such a lovely time and a GREAT meal. I was in the minority today being surrounded by three American's, so I let them talk about the things well educated American's talk about (don't ask me what that is, though.... I kind of tuned out at a few points).

When we were ready to leave (LQ was due for a nap, so we had to leave), Miyako made this cute pouty face and refused to talk to us for a time. I assured her that we would love to see her again and because we are too stupid to figure out skype on Dal's Mac laptop (I think it's more about hooking up a non-compatible webcam) I promised I would take a movie of LQ saying hello to her. Here it is. LQ wasn't very cooperative. Miyako - I will try again when LQ is in a better mood.

Thanks for the great day Matthew and Kyoko! I hope you enjoy the rearranging that LQ blessed your house with.

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Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

That is the same pacifier (Avent) Enzo clicks with. Take one times it by 3 and you have my little flicker...