Monday, 10 November 2008

My Mum laughed AT me

During one of our many telephone conversations, I mentioned to mum that I was recently reading a blog that I was really interested in. I then proceeded to tell mum all about this wonderful bloggers life. In the middle of this monologue, mum interrupted me with a question.

Mum: "So, do you actually know this person?"

Me: "Well, technically no. I just stumbled across her blog and I like it."

After hearing this mum burst out laughing. I could almost hear her peeing herself she was laughing so much. The worst of it was, she was laughing AT me. I can see the hilarity of the situation, but got a tad embarrassed and stopped telling her my story.

Now the jokes on you mum.... look down there at my last post. FOUR different people commented on my blog! Admittedly, I know one of them - Hi Brit! - but the other three, I wouldn't know from a bar of soap.... hooray! *Side note - I really like bars of soap.

Thanks to Crash Test Dummy (in response to your nickname, I have dubbed you testy) who directed a few of her avid readers over this way. You should check them all out. They all seem to be pretty cool gals.


Melanie said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have been repeatedly mocked for the number of blogs I read that are authored by complete strangers. but what do they know? There is a vast world of online "friends" out there. . . Who says you have to live next door to all of your friends. . . or even speak to them? :)

Hel said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one! By the way.... We are sooooo excited to see you guys soon!

Lisha said...

I think my husband and my mum laugh inwardly at me too when I tell them about my cyber friends and their lives, you're not alone. By the way have fun in the States cyber friend, I like your car seat trolley idea too!