Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hel's Random thoughts on a Hawaiian Midnight

RmT (Random Thought) #1: When did my daughter get so cute? So cute in fact, that I can't seem to discipline her as well as I know I should - "No, LQ don't phone Zimbabwe it's too expensive and we don't know anyone there.... but I guess, if you keep saying "heyo" with that cute impish grin on your face I'll dial the number for Buckingham Palace while you are at it."

"Well, it IS midnight, but you look so happy rifling through my personals, I'll just keep blogging and let you choose your own bedtime."

RmT #2: I HATE having big boobs. I am certain that if my two fun bags were a little smaller I would look at lot thinner. These things weigh me down, not just physically but emotionally. I look forward to the day with great delight when they start to shrink. Please tell me they WILL shrink. Sorry if that shocked you a bit. Just what I am thinking.

RmT #3: In contrast to the above thought, I absolutely adore the lighting in our hotel bathroom. They have managed to get the perfect lighting for me to look fabulous whatever angle I catch a glimpse of in the full length mirror provided.

LQ and I, chillaxing.

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