Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Look, look down there

Or maybe by the time you read this post it will be here.
Or even up there.

Can you see my countdown gadget? At the time of this posting we have only 10 days and 22 hours until we leave for the United States of America for five whole weeks!

We will be stopping over in Hawaii for a few days and then on to Mesa, Arizona to spend some time with Dallas' family for Thanksgiving. And then to Disneyland we go, of course.

We have bought a seat on the plane for LQ, because the thought of carrying that lump on my lap for over 16 hours just does not excite me one bit. She will have her car seat to keep her nice and comfortable.

Because we will be lugging LQ's carseat around the world we have been looking at different options to make it as easy as possible. We found this product, the GoGo Babyz Kidz Travelmate (what's with the 'z' instead of 's' at the end of each word?). Except it is so expensive and it is not available in Australia, so to ship it would have cost over $200. Ridiculous.

So Dal and I have been looking around for a cheap alternative. We figured we just needed a sturdy foldable luggage cart. We found one on ebay the other day and it was delivered this morning.

LQ couldn't wait to open the package. There it is, under her feet.

And then she had to try it out immediately. Without her car seat. FUN!
The idea is that we attach the car seat to the luggage cart and have LQ sit in the seat while we wheel it around. I will let you know how it goes.


fifi said...

Please take photo's and videos of that. I actually can't wait for you to go now so that I can laugh about it

Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

You are so smat buying a seat for LQ. We are actually going to have Enzo in our laps for our 10hr direct flight to Seattle. If we didn't need to save every penny for this move I think we would have reconsidered and got him a seat as well...especially since Busy is his middle name. We'll never have a calm moment on the flight until he falls asleep. Hopefully that happens rather quickly.
Let me know how it goes at Disneyland...anxious to take Enzo there.
Good luck with the luggage carrier.

I am kind of new to the blogging world and don't know all the tricks with the blogpage. Wondering if you can help me out...How do you change font, size and color within an entry? How do you link a word to another picture,entry or whatever it may be? I am sure I have more questions but that is all I can come up with for now.
Ok, thanks.

Misty said...

I should have known that you'd be going to Disneyland. We're still finalizing our Christmas plans. But if things work out, we'll be going to Disneyland too when we go see my parents in LA.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

When you get to Hawaii, let us know if you need tickets to the PCC. My hubby can get them discounted.

Your verifier says Miaggi. Very Karate Kid.

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

HOORAY! I'm excited to see you guys. You are so clever! I love your pics of where the countdown may be on your blog.

Hel said...

Fi: Of course we will be documenting the entire trip, minute by minute.

Karissa: Oh I hope he does fall asleep for you. If not, drugs baby, drugs!

Misty: You will probably be in LA after us, right? If you are in LA 30th November - 2nd Dec we should hook up for some Disneyland lovin'

CTD: Miagi has been the bane of my existance, Dal has just finished his thesis that looks at Japanese portrayed in American film. So I have had my fill of Miagi for quite some time. Thanks for the offer of tickets to the PCC. Will let you know!

Millie: You can count down with me!