Thursday, 1 January 2009

Just call me Longstein

Dal, Hel and Bel celebrated New Years Day eating macaroni cheese and ribs at the Stavros' house in Glenfield yesterday.

You may remember we visited in November last year. Little has changed since our last visit. They still have the biggest swing in America, they still have Dora the Explorer, and an AMAZING deck (that I am just a wee bit jealous of). However there was one change that we were advised of early on in the visit - Miyako no longer goes by that name. She insisted that we call her Longstein.

Longstein and her family will be traveling to Japan in less than ten days for a whole six months. They have entrusted the care of their home to us and we are very excited to use all their fun stuff like the much coveted back deck!

so you can imagine it is a bitter-sweet parting. We will be losing some friends for 6 months, but we gain a "proper" house for 6 months.

I forgot to take my camera, so here's a photo of Longstein from the last time we were there.

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Matthew Stavros said...

How wonderful it feels to be envied! Indeed the deck is our pride and joy.

I'm working on a color-coded, fully interactive, virtual model of the house to provide instructions for any possible contingency.