Saturday, 10 January 2009

The stuff that matters

Because I am the worlds worst journal keeper, my blog acts as a backup. So this post is dedicated entirely to the "stuff that matters" - Moments with LQ.

My child is a genius. I noticed yesterday as I handed the clean dishes to LQ to rinse (again) that she was saying a word over and over. It wasn't until later when I said "Thank you" to her, that she repeated it back to me. "dank dyou" is more what she says, but is quite obvious what she is saying.

I thought, how clever. My little girl can parrot my thank yous. BUT oh no! She is not parroting. She actually knows when to say dank dyou.
She said dank dyou when I got her a cookie
She said dank dyou when I helped her off the floor
She said dank dyou after I took her high chair tray away

I have THE most polite 20 month old around.

It is only natural as LQ gets older that she would want to "help" mummy. It should come as no surprise to me, as I am always encouraging LQ to "help mummy".

The day has arrived.... LQ now wants to help. I am sure anyone with half a brain will realise that when a 20 month old HELPS, things tend to go a little slower and, dare I say it, not according to plan.

At this particular point in our lives, it is needful for me to go through and ruthlessly cull all our STUFF (I asked Dal today if he thought the Salvation Army would like all our old Ensigns). We are moving into our house sitting place soon and after that, it is on to the US. So the less boxes we have, the better. SO, I am packing boxes. LQ HELPED me pack yesterday.

She climbed into the box
She pulled the stuff out of the box
She stood on and in the stuff that was in the box
She took the stuff that was in the box to the other end of house

After a few false starts, I finally had the box ready to be closed up. LQ insisted on climbing into the box AGAIN. It was at this point that I was ready to throw my patient mother charade along with my child OUT THE WINDOW. A few deep breaths and a diversion (cookie) and we were back on track.

We have a doorbell that plays Christmas tunes all year round. Apparently, 'tis the season - even in May.

Yesterday morning, LQ and I were enjoying a relaxed moment (watching Mickey Mouse) when "Deck the Halls" startled us back to reality. Because visitors are a rarity and I am one of those people who enjoys a captive audience, I raced to the door to find out who it was.

It was two young ladies hoping to share with me what the "Bible REALLY says". Always up for a bit of enlightenment, I let them show me a few different passages from their pamphlet. There was a point when we were especially engrossed in why God lets bad things happen that LQ came waddling up from the hallway. She was halfway to the door when she stopped, looked at one of our visitors, pointed behind her and said quite seriously "Mi Mow". She promptly returned to watching "Mi Mow".

I am not sure if she was telling us to keep it down because something important was happening to Mickey Mouse
if she was telling me to hurry back to watching the most important thing in the world (Mickey Mouse).

Who gives a fig about the bad things that are happening in the world when Mickey Mouse is around?


DeNae said...

MY Ensigns are going to be worth mega bucks some day. Like rare comic books, half of them are still in the plastic wrap they arrived in. My kids have unusual methods of sorting mail, based mostly on a system of "not for me, don't care, not for me, don't care - HEY! Domino's coupons! - not for me, don't..."

So sometimes I don't see my Ensign, or my cable bill for weeks. Usually I discover them together; the cable company shuts off the TV, so I go looking for something to read...

Good luck on your move, Hel!

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I love reading posts of Isabel :) I love how you write, you are just so darn clever! No wonder why Isabel is a genious

Gran Denny said...

Hi Helen
Isn't blogging a good way to keep in touch.
Isabel looks positively angelic in her red beads. I wish I was close enough to hear her talking.
Looks like 2009 is going to be a very exciting year for the Petersens. Enjoy.
With lots of love, Dennise