Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Old Greek Neighbour Lady has confirmed it

"Hello Helen"

"Hi, How are you?"

" Good, Good"

(awkward pause) - these happen often because she can't understand a word I say, so I have given up trying to have a conversation with her.

Greek Neighbour Lady: "You Fat. Having baby?"

Me: (in complete shock) "No, just eat too much I guess"

Mind you, she wont be winning any Greek beauty pageant any time soon.


Melanie said...

um, that's just rude.

the end

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

WHAT?! You are NOT fat! I would just assume that she has a hard time translating what she is REALLY trying to say.... maybe...

DeNae said...

OK, I laughed right out loud at this one, Helen! This has happened to me EXACTLY 10 times. Ten. Times. Twice in Spanish.

I finally started telling people, "Yes, we are expecting! Any day now I will give birth to a seven pound chocolate chip cookie!"

Oh, the looks on their faces! It's TOTALLY worth it!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

She did NOT. Just chalk it up at a major cultural faux pas and dont' take it too seriously. I could think of many sassy comebacks, but in a Christian spirit, I think I'll bite my tongue...

Hel said...

Lainie - she's a very rude lady by nature. Those Greeks just can't stop yelling at people.

Mills - thanks. I guess she was saying that I am fatter than before. Still not nice!

DeNae - Is this the life I have to look forward to? I life of constant humiliation?

Steph - you have no idea how many retorts I thought of as I was retreating... I guess maybe it's a good thing I can never think of them at the time.

CaJoh said...

Ouch. Perhaps this is why I never ask the women I know if they are pregnant— because if they are not they are offended. And even if they are— they should have told me anyway. I would never tell a woman that she's fat.