Thursday, 8 January 2009

LQ, butt naked.. AGAIN?

LQ has taken to letting out forceful screams of delight at random moments, and so when I heard her scream from the living room a few hot days ago, I figured she was (once again) delighted with something Mickey Mouse had done.

Her squeals of delight came closer as she ran through the toy room/office completely and utterly naked to where I was in the kitchen. She offered me her used nappy that she had so deftly taken off herself and ran screaming from the kitchen back to her toys, forgetting to give me the nappy.

Look at her - pretending she is surprised that the nappy's not on her juicy bottom


CaJoh said...

I hear it's a phase— they'll get over it… let's hope.

Do you think she's excited because she's naked— or that she was able to take her nappy off??? We may never know.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

that is a GREAT picture of her looking at that diaper. At our house, whenever children disrobe, they like to laugh and run around in circles yelling "nakey boy, nakey boy!" Just recently, I've got my 2-year-old convinced that she can yell "nakey girl!" instead. good stuff.

p.s. I responded to one of your comments in my post today. :)

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Ohh she is just so darn cute. This definitely put a smile on my face. (did you notice how I spelt definitely right? You taught me that :))

Hel said...

CaJoh: I think the screaming is a wonderful phase LQ is going through. So many phases, so little time.

Steph: I think we are a little too alike. I am sure LQ will be yelling "nakey girl" quite soon.

Mills: Hooray for definitely!