Friday, 2 January 2009

Did you notice, I completely skipped Christmas..

I was going to catch up and inundate you with a thousand photos, but having a camera as my "main" present this year, there were just too many photos to choose from. And to be honest, I am just too lazy to recap what was just a wonderfully busy day.

I was sneaky a few posts ago and hinted that I already knew what my Christmas present would be. And now my laziness has left you in suspense - so, here is my post dedicated to ONE of my presents.

Dal and I bought a Nikon D40 a few weeks before Christmas, but as per Christmas present rules, I was not ALLOWED to use it until Santa gave it to me.

I don't know how I lasted, but I did and now I have complete POWER over my pictures MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).

At least I would have complete power if I knew what I was doing. I am still working on getting the lighting just right in most of my photos and I only figured out I could change the white balance AFTER I took 62 "yellow" photos of LQ and Audrey in the bath. I am having fun though and I am absolutely and completely pleased with our purchase.

We did a lot of research and are happy with the Nikon D40. Like many of the reviews told us, it is PERFECT for a beginner. And that's what I am.


Melanie J said...

That's so funny! I got my husband a D-40 for Christmas and he's been going nuts with it for a week. He's crazy about it!

Chris said...

My cousin had a D40 at our Christmas party! I'm so jealous!!!!

You certainly have a beautiful family to take pics of!

Heather of the EO said...

mmmm, D40. So much better without the W.

Sorry, was that a totally lame joke? I'm pretty sure it was.

Over here from Melanie J's. Isn't she great. I hope I win your Tim Tam's, if that's what they're called. I don't know. I mostly stick with Snickers. :)

Nice to meet you!

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I LOVE your camera! The pictures look awesome