Friday, 23 January 2009

I Love you Longstein('s family)

It has been another 40 degree day outside.

The hot weather started a few days ago and LQ and I had already started on the slippery slope to total liquidation.

I am not sure how LQ would go with the whole liquid thing, as most of her liquids have been snaffled up the mosquitoes that seem to be lying in wait just for her.  Had we gone on with this wretched heat, I am sure my little robust queen may have just shriveled up right before my very eyes.

Last night was particularly disgusting as we battled the still stifling heat.  LQ's legs seemed to be completely covered in little bites that were slowly being harvested into larger bites by her little fingernails.  She woke up from scratching so much and was then inconsolable.

Being the new parents that we are (and always having screens on our windows during previous summer's), Dal and I were at a loss as to what to do.  We had no calamine lotion - which is what my mum used to put on our bites in her mothering years.  In fact we had no itch abating lotion whatsoever.  I scrambled around trying to find something to help the scratchy one.  I figured we needed to cover her bites with bandages to stop her from making them worse, but of course no bandages were to be found.  The final remedy? - nappy rash cream and then cover with a bandaid.  Legs were put into long pants, while we just left her arms to the gods of less itchy.  My Little Queen LOVED that we had put about 20 different "owie badges" on her legs and arms.  She even started to recite Mickey Mouse ("Oh Tootles!") - which in LQ land means she is on her way to feeling better.

By the time we were all in bed with fans blasting us from two different directions, I had already half formulated a plan to escape from our mosquito infested oven that we call home.

Fast forward (who really wants to hear about how we slept?) to when the first bus started its engines in our bedroom.  In the light of day I was feeling well rested and a little lazier than last night and thought that maybe all my plans could be postponed.  But the temperature rose faster than I had anticipated and LQ and I were on our way out the door with a few boxes and toys, practically running to the car to escape the heat by 8.30am.

Now I sit in our dear Longsteins house.  The house we are to be moving into shortly.  You know, the house sitting gig.  And a little giggle bubbles up in my throat.  Can you remember the last time you have been so happy that you haven't been able to control the huge grin on your face OR the laughter that just keeps coming and coming.  That's me.  Giggling like a little school girl, because I AM NOT HOT!  And yet it is hot outside.

LQ and I even went outside by choice to water some plants.  I taught her all about how plants grow.  I taught her how to cup your hand and drink from the hose.  She slid down the slide.  We felt sorry for the plants outside in the stifling heat and then we went back inside and cooled right down.

So here is my love letter to Longstein's family.

Dear Longstein's Family

I love you.  Thank you so much for allowing this girl the opportunity to live the life of a suburban housewife and not the urban student life, even if it is just for six months.  I am sure these six months will buoy me up and give me the hope that I will need in the five years to come.

I stood in the kitchen today and felt excited (for the first time in my life) about cooking!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Consider us moved in, in two more days! (we will definitely pay for the air conditioning!)

Love, Hel (and Bel, and Dal)


Misty said...

A blissful air conditioning. I know what it's like to swelter in an apartment with only a fan to keep you cool.

BTW, what's with the naughty visual?! Those chicks need to pull up their knickers.

Hel said...

I know... I only realised it was naughty after I had published the post and by then I was too tired to change it. Ah well, whatever keeps you cool!

Matthew Stavros said...

Dear Hel,

This is Longstein('s father). We're so happy you're enjoying the house. Now don't forget, per our agreement, you are not permitted to use any of the kitchen appliances, the air conditioner, the beds, nor any of the indoor furniture. Have a great stay and don't forget that the $850 weekly rent's due tomorrow!!

Your loving landlord...

fifi said...

haha that guys funny