Tuesday, 13 January 2009


As I went to close our back door last night in preparation for bed, I noticed that the moonlight was coming in through the screen. I always love a full moon, so peeked out to see if it was visible from my stand point.

I didn't get a full moon, but what I got was infinitely better.

As I looked out, the trees and shrubs stood still. All I could hear was the slight chirping of crickets against the uncommon still city night. It almost felt as though I had been transported far from the clambering noise that a bustling city brings. There were no bus engines being started. No freight trains clacking past. No far off sirens. Not even a noisy neighbour to be heard.

In those few brief moments, I was given peace. Peace, after a long day of noise and upheaval. I wanted to go outside, sit in a chair and just drink in the palpable peace.

Instead, I moved back from the screen, slowly closed and locked the wooden door and shuffled to the bathroom to begin brushing my teeth. It was then that life seemed to start again for the city that stopped, just for me.

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DeNae said...

Beautiful. You have a lovely way of expressing yourself, Helen.