Sunday, 4 January 2009

World Domination thanks to Arnotts

It wasn't a new years resolution to dominate the world. The opportunity just sort of fell into my lap.

It all started when I did my usual blog stalking/lurking rounds. Melanie J, author of Write Stuff blog, has devoted an entire post to Tim Tams. We Australians tend to be very protective of our best stuff, so a lot of it never leaves our shores. Arnotts Tim Tams have apparently snuck their way through our borders onto the land of America.

Actually, I already knew this - when Dal and I were shopping at Target before we left Arizona we noticed that Tim Tams were out on the shelves. Dal is VERY excited about this because Tim Tams are his favourite and it was one of the things that he would miss dearly when we leave Australia in July.

WHAT do Tim Tams have to do with world domination, though?

I will tell you. Poor Melanie J doesn't have access to ALL the different varieties of Tim Tams and I do. I figure that if I can get every American hooked on Tim Tams and then they are taken away from them (which they will be in March), then I will have them eating out of the palm of my hand (so to speak).

The next step from dominating America is dominating the world, right?!

PS My husband just said America is the world... well the only part that matters.

Hel in her pyjamas - Capable of world domination? I think so!


CaJoh said...

I don't think that us Americans are worth dominating— but go right ahead I won't stop you… but can I have a Tim Tam first??

charrette said...

So does that make you a dominatrix? :)
Actually I think the country that makes the best cookies should absolutely have the upper hand.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

can I just say that you look lovely in your pajamas? Really. (P.S. I could probably be easily dominated by whoever has their hands on the world's chocolate supply.)

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to read the comment your husband made about America being the world, well the part that matters anyway or whatever it was. It's this type of attitude that makes it difficult to be friendly with them. We have a few americans in our ward and I've tried to befriend them. They also think the same, I wonder what it is in their upbringing that they think they are so much better than everyone else?????

Hel said...

Dear Anon,

You'll have to forgive my husband for his false arrogance. His comment was in jest, and directed mainly at my father, who enjoys endlessly teasing my husband on his Yank "superiority". My husband is keenly aware of the arrogance displayed by many of his countryman, and does his best to dissassociate himself from it. But, he is also keenly aware of many Aussies who incorrectly perceive ALL Americans as being arrogant, insular, self-inflated people who can hardly imagine any kind of intelligent life beyond American shores. It is with this perception in mind that my husband made that comment.

He is sorry if the comment offended or saddened you in any way, and hopes that you will be able to befriend the Americans currently residing in your ward. Americans can certainly be a thoughtless bunch, but once the seemingly arrogant veneer is breached, they are just as self concious and "human" as you or I.

I hope you won't think too ill of our family, and thank you very much for reading our blog and making a comment. I always LOVE comments!!!

Hel said...

Steph: Thanks for the kind words and I am with you.... chocolate– world domination.

charrett: I believe a chocolate dominatrix!

CaJoh: You Americans have a few good things I would like to have control over. While I am waiting for that control, I will be happy with the control I have of my American husband.

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I had to laugh at your anonymous comment, don't people understand sarcasm? Maybe you just have to know Dallas! Boy did you guys score with staying at your friends house. I have been trying not to nurse audrey to sleep for a little while and I think that is what helped her get in the crib... or maybe she was just ready. I don't really know, but she is doing fantastic! She used to fall asleep standing up, holding onto the rails... it was so pitiful. Now she will lay down and go to sleep, it's wonderful. And PARTY away my friend, we do it every night! It's amazing having the evenings to myself again.

Matthew Stavros said...

But will the Americans figure out how to suck milk and coffee through Tim Tams?

And to Anon above, I can personally vouch for Dallas: He's hardly the ugly, arrogant American that is so common, albeit not ubiquitous, I assure you.

Longstein's dad.