Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Australia Day

Australia Day - 26th January. And because my time is consumed with not catching trains, I haven't posted these photos.

Most of Australia Day consisted of this:
But then we got to have a break and we did this:


CaJoh said...

Love the hat— doesn't look like she's freaked out with it either.

Dal looks like one of those Chicago Gangsters from the 30's. Myea… myea…

Good luck with settling in. I find unpacking the hardest part.

Matthew Stavros said...

What an amazing house you have. I wish I could live there.

DeNae said...

So you're in! YAY! Don't unpack anything until you need it; you'll be AMAZED at how many boxes stay packed! (What does this say about the 'stuff' we accumulate? Oh, well, I love my stuff anyway!)

Just line those still-packed boxes against the wall, toss a table cloth and a plant or two on top, and voila! Instant decor!

Melanie said...

Ah, Dallas with a wienie sticking out of his mouth (I mean hot dog)

Now that's a picture I remember.

Congrats on the move!!

Hel said...

DeNae and CaJoh - the good part about house sitting is that you NEVER have to unpack. Oh and DeNae, as always, I appreciate any of your decor suggestions.

matthew - you know you too can live here. The owner seems to like giving his keys to any random family he picks up off the street.

Lainie - yes, it's the wiener eating Dal I fell in love with all those years ago (4 years now!).

Brandon said...

DSP2- Theres no better way to celebrate a holiday then with a dog right off the grill. Well done my friend.