Thursday, 1 January 2009

I Like this Lady - A LOT

So, I stumbled upon this blog* a while ago, and laughed myself silly. Who knew anyone could be insightful as well as funny - I look forward to the day when I can arrange my brain cells back in some kind of order to help me achieve funny and insightful.

Well, DeNae so kindly offered some wonderful advice after my last post and I can't help but tell you how it boosted my spirits. So I am sharing my secret blogging friend with the rest of my friends. I hope you like her as much as I do.

Thanks DeNae, it was just what I needed.

P.S. Her Phase Ten post reminded me very much of my family. Although I have to admit I was the child that refused to play most times.

*For the life of me, stupid Blogger wont let me link my text, so here is the web address.

And just for your LQ fix


Amber said...

I like her, too! It helps that she's my sister. She really is pretty dang amazing! So smart. So insightful. So talented. So spiritual. And SO STINKIN' FUNNY! I'm so happy that you have found her. I hope you two continue inspire each other as you both live your "temporary lives".

Cute baby, btw! What a DOLL!!!

Matthew Stavros said...

Hi Hel,

Thanks for a nice time yesterday. Could I get your address to set up the forwarding? Dallas has my email address; I'd rather not post it here. Thanks.

DeNae said...

I would e-mail you this privately, but it's not really an option in the safely-semi-anonymous blogging world. But I wanted to say you're welcome, Hel. You just seemed so upbeat and wonderfully normal for me to sit there and read your 'melancholy' post without popping by to assure you that you're going to be just fine! I get LOONY during the hot Las Vegas summers, as most of what I do to keep busy takes place during the school year, so you can send me some props then!