Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I think this Petersen family will bring in the New Year asleep. That is if LQ hasn't woken up at her usual jetlag time of 11.30pm. If that happens, then we will probably watch Mi-Mow (Mickey Mouse) to properly ring in 2009.

2009 - already so many plans, hopes and dreams. In 2009 we will find out exactly where we will be living for the next five years.
In 2009 we will cross the Pacific Ocean at least twice
In 2009 I will say goodbye to the country that has been mine since birth
In 2009 LQ will enter the terrible twos
In 2009 we will live in at least three different homes
In 2009 my brother and his wife will add to the Cluff family

2009 is a huge boulder rolling toward me Indiana Jones style. Unlike Indiana Jones, I am going to get hit by 2009 and I am sure that what comes out from under that boulder when it has rolled away will NOT be pretty.

But let's not forget 2008.

2008. What happened in 2008 should have been spread over a couple of years. But we managed to cram it all into one itsy bitsy year.
We (take a big breath)

visited Queensland,
were called as Primary President and Stake YM's President,
visited Hobart,
celebrated LQ's first birthday,
moved house,
welcomed guests from near and far,
celebrated my birthday in Victoria,
said goodbye to our guests,
said hello to some more guests,
Dal flew to the US for his brother's wedding,
said goodbye,
flew to Hobart,
celebrated Dal's birthday,
welcomed a boarder,
visited the middle of Australia with a friend,
travelled to Hobart twice more,
celebrated Father's Day in Hobart,
organised a Stake YM's camp,
spent a long weekend at the Gold Coast with friends and family,
flew to Brisbane for Brodie's graduation,
sent my brother off to Halifax for a mission,
flew to Hawaii and then on to Arizona for a five week break (but in that time managed to go to Disneyland)
and are now back home recovering from the year (and jetlag).

Oh, going through the photos, I forgot to mention our trip to Coffs Harbour and Dal's trip to Port Douglas.

HELLO 2009


DeNae said...

Helen, now that I know you and I share the same faith, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about myself in the hopes that you won't look toward 2009 with quite so much 'melancholy'. I call my blog what I call it because I really am living a very different life from the one I expected. And it has been filled with lots of these "yikes, can we really do this??" moments. A couple of things I've learned are: 1) You don't have to do everything at once; you may live in 3 houses this year but you'll live in them one at a time. Thank goodness for time. It forces the events in our lives to take turns! 2) You are only expected to do what you can do, and then no more. That's a toughie for women of a certain faith. 3) Every time I've seen that Indiana Jones boulder rolling toward me, I've found the safest place to be is on my knees.

I wish you the very best, Hel! And I'll continue to check in on you as you discover your ability to not only survive but thrive in the life you may not have signed up for, but which you are obviously living with enthusiasm and faith. Good luck, my cute Australian blogging friend!

~DeNae from Las Vegas (the one place I vowed I would never live!)

Amber said...

Aw! Isn't my sister freaking awesome?!? Love her! I hope your 2009 turns out better than you expect it to. I'd be willing to bet it does!