Thursday, 18 December 2008

Out to Lunch...

Well, it seems that while on holidays, nothing of import happens to this girl. OR I am so busy relaxing I completely neglect ALL duties including blogging.

Not to worry, you haven't missed out on much. Dal and I have caught up on a few movies (through DVD), spent a few days AT the cinema and LQ has spent plenty of quality time with Granny Jules. I am also in the process of finalising all my Primary stuff for next year, making a princess dress for LQ and wrapping presents.

Granny Jules and I had the privilege of going to a cooking "class" today. I quoted the word class, because all we did was sit and watch another lady show us how she makes her cookies with her wonderful Bosch. Now, I am one of those people that enjoys a bit of a sales pitch. I usually don't know what I need for myself, so I like other people telling me what I need. But THIS cooking "class" went beyond ridiculous. The woman (we shall call her ... Grumpy) demonstrated a good number of cookies, which we were able to sample, but her spiel was RIDDLED with a sales pitch.

It was mostly Bosch, which according to Grumpy is as essential as a washing machine and dryer. But we also had thrown at us (not in the literal sense) spatulas, cookie cutters, chocolate chips, vanilla essence, Icing pipers, baking sheets, cookie coolers, waffle cone makers, macadamia nuts, icecream scoops, crystalised sugar and the list goes on. And to think, Granny Jules paid for the 1.5 hour sales pitch!

The fun didn't just stop at the sales pitch. There is a reason I named my friend Grumpy. She had employed "helpers" to assist with the ingredients and the getting of utensils. To say Grumpy treated them like dogs is an understatement. The public poor treatment of her employees was so obvious it made both Granny Jules and I VERY uncomfortable. We both agreed that even if the classes were free of charge we wouldn't go back. Of course Grumpy didn't have any feedback forms for us to fill out, so we couldn't tell her exactly what we thought of her and her cooking class!

Well, now that I have told you a whole heap of nothing, enjoy the photos of the Petersen family 2008. (We are getting some others done this Saturday).

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Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

That picture is so cute of your family. I hope pictures turn out good on Saturday. I'm sorry that class was such a bummer, why are people so rude?!