Saturday, 6 December 2008

Black Feet and a Dirty Park

I have been fighting the urge to just crumple on the floor and take a long deserved nap. LQ has been testing my patience with her lack of sleeping skills. The past two evenings we have fought to get her to sleep and fought to get her to stay asleep. Not to worry, things are looking up and I am sure the good Lord knows that I can't handle any less sleep, so He is going to cast a magic spell on LQ tonight and MAKE her sleep all night.

Because of the lack of sleep, I haven't really felt like writing anything on my dear old blog. It's just too much effort. But I still have a few photos that we took on the way home from Disneyland that I MUST share with you. And here they are:

I wasn't lying in my previous post. The carpets in our hotel room did make our feet black. Dallas tried to document the proof on LQ's feet, but the flash kind of washed it out a bit.

On our way home we stopped to get a few supplies and noticed a park across the way. This park was in the dinkiest town ever, nevertheless, LQ loved it.

Trying to climb the bars.

Noticing the slide across the way.
climbing the stairs to the slide.
I wasn't sure about letting LQ go down the "big person's" slide, but she was in it before I could protest. We went down together.


Annie said...

Your little family is so cute! It was so fun to see you, hope you are having a wonderful time in AZ!! Come see us if you go up to the cabin!

Misty said...
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