Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Disneyland - Day Two

Yesterday was our second and last day at Disneyland.  Once again, we didn't get there until lunch time - time just gets away when waking up, breakfast, nap time, showers, etc get in the way.

As we walked in, LQ started to squirm.  The squirm turned into a full blown tantrum in no time at all, and Dal and I were convinced the day would be a complete write off.  We were saved by LQ's wonderful Uncle Doo and Aunt Mimi... those two just walked by, whisked LQ up and had her go through a princess coronation, play with dumbo, drift along on the story book ride and say choo choo on the casey jr ride.  They took some photos that I will hopefully get to post soon.

While LQ was having the time of her life with her Aunt and Uncle, Dal and I decided that the best use of our free time would be to have a nap.  We rode on Space Mountain instead.  We met up with Doo, Mimi and LQ at Buzz Lightyear.

We were meant to meet up with the Jones family (Dal's friend from BYU) in Disneyland, but they have a little boy the same age as LQ and they had nap time and all sorts of other problems getting there, so by the time we got to meet them, it wasn't really worth their while to buy tickets to Disneyland.  So the Petersen's and the Jones' met in between Disneyland and California Adventure.  It was probably the most fun LQ had the entire day - running around with little E.  Even more fun than Mickey Mouse Playhouse!  But to be fair, LQ was way past her nap time during Mickey Mouse Playhouse.

The best purchase of the day was a $5 play flip phone that makes a little twinkle sound when you open it.  As LQ walked back to the car, she would stop, flip, press the buttons and talk to her important "colleagues".

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