Thursday, 19 June 2008

You can't plant me in your penthouse, I'm going back to my plough

This is a special post to say a final goodbye to the Johnsons. They made us feel very welcome when we first moved to Sydney. Now they are leaving their Potts Point apartment with the fabulous view of the Sydney Harbour (much to the chagrin of most of Enmore Ward!) and planting themselves in Cleveland, Ohio.

We went to their goodbye party last Saturday night. We did take our camera, but being the egotists that we are, managed to only get two photos - both of them of ourselves! So that's what this photo is from, we hope that Misty posts some more photos of the party once she's got herself settled.

SO - goodbye Johnsons!! We will keep an eye on your blog and hope we get to see you again.

love, the Petersens

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Rick, Misty & Piper said...

You guys are too cute! Thanks so much for the send-off post. We are sure glad that we got to know you too. And Helen, I am in complete awe of the awesome woman, not to mention Primary President, you are.

We will be posting pics of our party soon. We just got back today from a quick weekend trip to San Diego, for the 4th of July.

I hope you're having fun in Tasmania and that Dallas gets home safely to you.

Also, give me regards and congrats to April at her baby shower.