Thursday, 19 June 2008

Snugglers v Huggies - PG rating (Nudity)

The Petersens have recently had the opportunity to do a bit of creative budgeting. Because we planned so many vacations this year (when we were a little better off financially), we've had to resort to a few canned meals. As a result of our creative budgeting, we've changed the brand of nappies (diapers for the americans) that we place on our little cherub's bottom.

Our previous brand of nappy was Huggies, which we've been very happy with. They are, however, the most expensive brand on the market. In the interest of tight money, we switched to snugglers (more nappies for the money). The change has been uncomfortable - to say the least.

Snugglers are less absorbent and give Isabel terrible nappy rash - and we have to use more nappies per day than we would if she was in Huggies. I have documented her latest nappy rash and added a full frontal nude photo of Isabel just for kicks and giggles.

Edited:  Got a bit scared when I saw someone had arrived at my blog searching for "Naked two year old".  Yeah, I've deleted these pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Helen, have you tried the Aldi nappies - supposed to be good. I bought some for Lewis but they were too big for him, when my stash of huggies run out he should fit them ... Gotta love the life of a mum.