Monday, 9 June 2008


I've been meaning to put a nice little post about my wonderful trip to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road on here for a couple of days now. Unfortunately it all kind of appeared in the form of an abusive post about Facebook. The photos were posted underneath a scathing (yet short) diatribe of the evil that is Facebook.

So, here's my effort at amending that. My "quick" story about my wonderful birthday trip to Melbourne.

Dallas' Mum (Julie) and sister (Juliet) - J&J - were able to visit from the US for 11 days and as part of the visit we spent about three and a half days in Victoria. We left Sydney on Wednesday afternoon, arrived in the "Jetstar Shed" and were soon on our way down the Great Ocean Road. Our plan was to drive halfway to the 12 Apostles (Apollo Bay) and then the next morning continue on to the 12 Apostles. The drive was GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't rave enough about the beauty of this place.... it is by far in my list of top places to visit.

The hotel we stayed at is called the Waterfront Inn. Dallas managed to procure a spa room for all of us (J&J and the Petersens). Instead of breaking my back by leaning over the HUGE spa "wall", I decided to take a bath with Isabel. We were having such a fun time until mummy (me) decided to try something different. Thinking I could kill two birds with one stone and have a relaxing spa bath as well as bathing Isabel, I turned the jets one. Unfortunately, I hadn't filled the spa with enough water (I was conscious of not drowning my child) and Isabel's face was directly beside one of the jets. An almighty scream was released from my little baby's mouth as a stream of water hit her eye and all her cruel mother could do was giggle maniacally. My dear husband ended up being my hero and pressing the button to turn off the jets. A quick cuddle and I had Isabel's forgiveness.

The next day was another beautiful day of driving along gorgeous coastline. We had the pleasure of stopping to take photos of the 12 apostles and then it was on to Melbourne. We stayed in Chinatown (an omen of things to come?) in the Punt Hill Apartments (yet another good deal for our travel agent). While in Melbourne we visited Melbourne Gaol, The national Gallery of Victoria, the bakery where brodie and I bought some some "little boys", LOTS of stores and of course celebrated my birthday on Friday 30th May. Richard and Patrice came along with us to a Tepanyaki restaurant. And what a fun time it was.... eating deep fried prawn legs, egg being thrown at us, catching a stack of bowls, having our eyebrows singed and trying to keep Isabel awake and happy.

All in all, we had heaps of fun and Isabel got to spend plenty of time with J&J! - See photos below.

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