Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Just call me spiderwoman

I had a blonde moment today - hard to do while I'm brunette, so when it happens it's usually a big blonde moment.

I looked after Eloise today. Eloise is 2 and LOVES to talk. Eloise likes to think she is the Eloise on TV, so she introduces herself like the TV Eloise "Hello, my name is Eloise and I am SIX!" Isabel came along, because Isabel likes Eloise even though Eloise likes to boss Isabel.

So when an Austar Salesman pressed the Unit 3 buzzer, I had two little girls and a lot of blocks surrounding me and the last thing on my mind was how to answer the door. If you open the front door of unit 3, you can see who is buzzing. So, not knowing exactly how to buzz someone in, I opened the front door of unit 3 and before I knew it, the door had shut itself behind me, promptly locking the deadlock.

Slight panic was my immediate emotion. I had just locked myself out of an apartment leaving a two and one year old in there to fend for themselves. Who knows what would happen to them. Isabel was due for a nap and therefore not going to last long (or so I thought) without her mother and Eloise..... well Eloise can CLIMB! Lucky Postman Pat was keeping them subdued. I also had my mobile phone with me, so I immediately called Dallas and asked him to call Rae (Eloise's mum) to see if there was a spare key around.

Not wanting to just wait around for a call from Rae, I decided to scope out the back porch to see if it would be possible to climb up. Unit 3's lounge room is one level up, but the ground has a slight incline, so as I walked toward the back of the block of units I got a little closer to the porch. I was still far away from getting anywhere near climbing up to the back porch, so I borrowed a large garbage bin and managed to get a hold of the wall. At one point, I was just hanging mid air. If you know anything about me and heights, you'll know that we aren't the best of friends, but it seems adrenaline and motherly instincts kicked in and I scaled that wall like a pro.

Once I was on the back porch, I thought I was in like flynn. Unfortunately, flynn wasn't there and all the doors were locked like the front door. The only difference now was I could see the girls and they could see me. I stood at one of the large glass doors and started to talk to Eloise. She, however, was more interested in Postman Pat and completely ignored me for quite some time. Isabel thought it was quite amusing that mummy was outside talking to her through the door and she stood at the other glass door banging her little fists on it and laughing hysterically. Finally Eloise tore herself away from Postman Pat and announced to me that the door was locked and she couldn't open it. It seemed I had only made the situation worse.

I did eventually find a window that was open a crack. I procured a stick from an obliging tree and managed to manipulate my arm and stick through the crack and flick up the dowling that was preventing the window from opening any further. I crawled through the kitchen window to the squeals of delight from both girls. Both of them none the wiser.

Rae only received my message as she was pulling into their driveway. The upside to the whole ordeal - I was able to give Rae and Murray a detailed analysis of their burglar weak spots. I hope they appreciate it because my fingers hurt!

"Oh your fingers hurt, well now your backs gonna hurt too, Grandma, because you just pulled landscaping duty. Anybody elses fingers hurt?!"

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