Wednesday, 18 June 2008

What's eating ........ my Parsley?

Thanks to the recent month of rain - my herb garden has revived itself. It was doing quite nicely up until a few days ago when I noticed that the tops of the nice bushy parsley had started to disappear. At first I suspected our overzealous neighbours of jumping the fence and stealing my fantastic parsley. This thought didn't last long as I realised that there was really no way two sixty year old Greeks are going to be that hard up for parsley.

Then, as an outing out of the house today, Isabel and I decided to have a closer inspection of the parsley. It came as quite a shock to find a FAT caterpillar a little too close (to my fingers) for comfort. On further inspection, I found a second little moocher!

So the question is, what do I do? I couldn't bear to kill the little devils because they are so fat (like Isabel) and green (unlike Isabel) and could turn into beautiful butterflies (what am I, a hippy??). And let's be honest, my herb garden was close to death before the rain anyway..... BUT I so desperately want to succeed at growing ... something!

While I was taking the photo, Isabel decided to destroy the rest of my herbs

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