Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I know it lowers my IQ, but I watch it anyway.

It's time I came out and admitted - I watch Big Brother. I have no rational explanation about why I watch it and yet I find myself watching it each and every evening. It could be that the only other options are "Home and Away" or "Two and a half men". But even when there is something else on, I have this strange urge to watch Big Brother instead.

This isn't really a problem when I'm enjoying it in the privacy of my own home, because no one can see that I am doing it. But when I'm out socialising with others (which isn't all that often), I go and lower people's high opinion of me by wanting to discuss the offending show! I am fully aware that this show is lowering my IQ every minute I watch it - but it's my way of relaxing so I'll keep doing it.

What's your secret tv show?


Anonymous said...

I'm yet to come out .... it's been a really hard thing to deal with, the whole addiction is pretty serious. WHATEVER ... I need my daily dose of crap and as far as lowing my IQ ... mine dropped the day I became a mother and continues to drop every year I don't return to work. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mother but my brain definately isn't getting the same work out it used too or maybe it's just using different parts. Anyway I love Big Brother but haven't told anyone. Some nights I try to get Nathan to watch it with me so I'll have someone to discuss it with.

I have enjoyed reading your blog thus far and am looking forward to more.


Dal, Hel & Bel said...

Yes, my motherly brain is definitely using different parts - the parts that make me do dumb things like locking myself out of houses, cars, etc.

Heather van den Berg said...

My secret TV show is Inspector Rex on SBS. It is dumb but I love it! So predictable but Rex saves the day each episode and if it is one of the original episodes then Moser, who is cute, is in it too!
Aunty Heather