Friday, 27 June 2008

The Kuhns are here, so let's go to the Aquarium!

While I spent my entire day looking after Eloise on Wednesday, Dallas, Isabel and the Kuhns (Dan, Robyn, Kirra-Louise and Sophie) all went on a day trip to Darling Harbour and in particular the Sydney Aquarium. This is Isabel's second trip to the Aquarium in just under a month - but this time she was apparently an angel.

There were no whiny noises and when it was time to take a nap, she was out on cue. It seems Dallas gets all the luck! Of course a day at the Aquarium wouldn't be complete without going to the Lindt cafe to get a chocolate sundae.

Kirra-Louise couldn't wait for the shark exhibit, Isabel was mesmorised by the huge fish and Sophie... well, I'm sure Sophie just chattered the whole way through.

Isabel LOVES having the girls here to play with, even though it gets a little overwhelming sometimes. When it does get overwhelming, she just gets a cuddle from mummy and then she's able to continue playing.

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