Friday, 6 June 2008

Our family drunk

As a perfect family should, the Petersens recycle a lot of their garbage. We are (unfortunately) still trying to figure what should and shouldn't be put in the recylce bin - Grandma Jill got very cross with us for putting pizza boxes in the recycle bin. However, we are striving to do our best in the recycle department and as a result have a separate bin for the recyclables in the kitchen.

Isabel particularly enjoys the ins and outs of recycling and will frequently "sort" our recycling for us - this means pulling everything out and leaving it on the kitchen floor. Before you start dry retching at the thought of the Petersens preparing their food in a quasi garbage dump, let me assure you that everything is washed out or just plain clean cardboard boxes - otherwise we wouldn't allow Isabel the pleasure of sorting.

Last night as Dallas made dinner and I washed the dishes, Isabel started her usual routine of "sorting". The glass bottles made a particularly nice loud sound on the tiled floor. I turned around to find she had assumed the position of a drunk and then continued to roll around on the floor with her bottles. We managed to get a good photo of her and the garbage bin in the background, like a true drunk.

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