Sunday, 22 June 2008

We have a Seagull in our house

Despite being given a crap load of her own food, Isabel will always seek out other people's food (especially ours) and stand waiting, looking at the said person and their food until she is "thrown" a morsel. It doesn't matter what she is doing, there is nothing too fun to distract her from the fact that someone is eating and she isn't.

So as Dallas and I sit down to eat our unhealthy "fast" food, Isabel will tear herself away from her blocks/books/dvds/tv/phone/recycle bin, do her "gollum" crawl to where we are sitting and do all sorts of funny, whiny faces until she gets what she wants. We try not to indulge her too much as I don't want to get mummy guilts too often - I've seen those shows with all those obese children.

I just need to point out that Isabel is wearing different clothes in each shot - we didn't feed her all this crap in one night, let alone one week.

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Anonymous said...

Maeve does this too - she'll announce at breakfast that she's "had enough" and then when I sit down with my toast she hovers and eats about half my toast - drives me nuts!