Monday, 9 June 2008

Facebook should DIE - oh hang on, it already has

Ok... my subject line isn't very charitable, but I've just spent the good part of my evening trying to upload recent photos of my birthday. I have already tried this task twice before only to be unsuccessful. So this time was the last straw. Poor Brodie, all she wants to do is see the fun she missed out on - and I can't seem to give it to her.

Well, just for Brodie, I am going to upload a few photos in this post. This means this post will be a little long. My apologies. I hope you enjoy the photos, though.

Tepanyaki people like laughing at their customers, so they put a bib on them

Then they throw egg at our faces

Isabel was a couple of hours past her bedtime

At the 12 Apostles

Another photo at the 12 Apostles
Isabel found a friend in Herman the lamb

The hotel we stayed at in Melbourne even turned down Isabel's "bed" - CUTE!

Eating the deep-fried prawn legs - During my tepanyaki birthday dinner

On the City Circle Tram

On the Great Ocean Road

We took a few photos at this spot - I was honked at while making my poses

Isabel did really well on our LONG car trip
We stayed at Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road
Near the ocean - surprisingly

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