Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thank YOU Super Nanny

A few weeks back I had the "opportunity" to watch a few episodes of Super Nanny.

Each episode was pretty much like the other. A family is chosen - usually because of its unusually badly behaved children. Nanny Jo comes in, notices that the children's bad behavior is mostly the parents fault. She then changes the parent's behavior, the children's behavior and if you are lucky even the dog's behavior. It's all in the twist of her magic wand.

In the process of her magic wand waving I managed to pick up a neat little trick to get your child to put herself to sleep.

Since before April LQ has had terrible trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. As a result, we have slowly just moved her into our bed just so we can get a few moments more sleep. This "temporary" solution has worked somewhat. SURE.... if you call getting kicked in the face "working". Although I've wanted to do something about it, I was not sure how to go about teaching LQ to sleep in her own bed. Nanny Jo's magic method seemed simple enough and I had nothing to lose if it didn't work, so I tried it.

Just like on the TV show, my daughter was magically going to sleep by herself within days of implementing the method. She was still getting into our bed halfway through the night... but the pain of getting her to sleep was all but forgotten. So last week I decided that she knew how to put herself to sleep, so she could just stay in her bed for the entire night. It worked!!! So thank you Nanny Jo!

I am still completely AMAZED at how simple it all has been. AND, joy of joys, I got to sleep through the night last night. I did wake up at 4.30am... All I need to do now is teach my body clock that it doesn't have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning.


fifi said...

what a lovely photo of nanny Jo. bless her heart.

Misty said...

Congrats on the sleeping! Nothing
is appreciated more than a restful night's sleep after not having one.

I would watch that show and Rick always asked me why I would want to watch a show about what I do all day anyway: being a mom.

I told him that it always made me feel better about being a mother. My child has never been as bad as some of the hellions on Super Nanny. Plus I see that things can change if you want them to.