Sunday, 19 October 2008


Bro Bro and I just went grocery shopping. I have the pleasure of looking after my best friend's children while she goes on a little holiday with her husband. So I thought I had better get some food in the apartment so I would not end up feeding the Two Sweet Girls Pop Tarts and lollies. Yes, that's what Dallas bought when I sent him out to get supplies.... it just means we really ARE on holiday.

As we were wheeling the Two Sweet Girls and LQ around in the shopping cart, we happened past a conversation that we couldn't HELP overhearing.

Picture this, three "mature-aged" (meaning over 60) adults - one man, his wife and the lady they were "advising".

Man: Have you defragged? Yeah, if you defrag then you get all your cookies out. Then you wont have any problems.

Ok.... to just any person reading this post, you may think "that isn't so fantastic". But if you know my dad and his computer, then you will be in a fit of giggles right now.

It is a running joke in our family that dad always NEEDS to defrag his laptop. It does not matter that someone is currently using his laptop.... if he wants to defrag, then by golly... he will defrag.

It seems to be an obsession that runs through the mind of many a mature man.

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