Sunday, 12 October 2008

I am Sold

Huggies has pulled me in hook, line and sinker.

There is a new "type" of Huggies nappy (diaper) - Huggies Nappy Pants. Designed for the toddler on the go. I have seen the new clever tv advertisement that tells me how tricky it is to put a nappy on a toddler and how much easier my life will be if I buy Huggies Nappy Pants.

Of course I know how hard it is to change a mobile toddler - I have had my own issues with changing LQ recently. It's not that I don't enjoy wrestling a writhing Cirque du Soliel performer* to the ground to change her nappy in record time for fear of having poo inadvertently smeared all over the floor.... it's just that sometimes it gets tiring.

So Huggies being the sneaky marketer that it is, decided to give me one - yes, count it.... one - Nappy Pant. After one particularly traumatic and tiring bum wiping experience, I still hadn't managed to get another nappy on the bare bottomed circus freak and we were both in tears. And then there, peaking out from the 70 or so "normal" nappies was the Huggies Nappy Pants sample. My thought process included "It can't be any harder than what I am experiencing now", and "what do I have to lose?"

LQ happily stepped into her nappy pant just like the advertisement told me she would and I was sold. Sold on the idea that I should pay more for a product that will only be soiled by LQ's waste.

*LQ really is a circus freak - she's short, bald and can twist and contort herself into all sorts of weird positions

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Jillene said...

So glad to discover you on here! I love keeping up with nieces and nephews and YAY! all the way to Australia :)You guys are so cute. I love your sense of humor! Your little Bel is a doll. I look forward to seeing more of her and your cute family!