Monday, 27 October 2008

It's So Hot Today

There was an Australian children's singer/songwriter (Peter Combe) that appeared in the late 80's/early 90's that my siblings and I absolutely LOVED. One particular song he sang was "It's So Hot Today". He sings it in a sluggish way, as though it is too hot to even try and finish the song.

It's So Hot Today
41 in the shade
Pour me some lemonade
How about a trip to the pool
And then I can get myself cool
It's So Hot Today

Sweat in the back of the car
At least the pool's not very far

And that's all I can remember of it, and for the life of me I can not find the lyrics ANYWHERE on the internet. What a joke. But the song goes on to describe the trip to the pool as one of the most long and painful experiences. The last couple of lines are: Get to the pool and then SPLASH! Ahh, just right. Doesn't that just remind you of those putridly hot days where the humidity had the heat sticking to you like old chewed up gum remnants sticking to your unsuspecting shoe. There was just no escape. I remember spending entire afternoons in our pool in Rockhampton just so we would not have to endure the tropical heat any longer.

As I was walking around today, smelling like an old shoe, I was reminded of this song and how perfect it is for all those hot days that you think you are going to die.

Now it is almost midnight here and it still feels like the temperature is close to 30 degrees (celsius), which makes for a difficult time getting to sleep. That is why I just spent 40 minutes looking for the lyrics of a song on the www.

I guess I love Summer for a number of reasons. #1. It is not Winter! #2. I am reminded of my childhood. It seems that Summer is when you get to pack a lot more into the day when you are a child and therefore are able to create so many more memories.

P.S. We don't have airconditioning.


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon I'm gonna roast
I think I can see it, almost.
Out of the car in a dash
Into the pool and then .... Splash

Anonymous said...

Better late than never you can see it on YouTube if your still after it