Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Date and some Shopping

Dal and I had the unusual privilege of going on a "date" last night.

The last time we went grocery shopping with LQ, she showed us her ability to throw tantrums. Her new found independence and ability to shake her head no at anything we suggest has us a little reticent with taking her grocery shopping EVER AGAIN. So as part of our Date we went grocery shopping. We saw a movie afterwards, but I wont say anything more on that because for the first time in a while, Dallas actually has a movie to review!!! LQ stayed home with Danielle.

LQ was asleep when we left the house and we were positive that she would remain in that state for the rest of the evening. However, we were greeted with a smiling LQ face when we opened the door at midnight.

Dal and I dumped our groceries on the kitchen floor and left them there while we got ready for bed. LQ was happy just to toddle around while we did our thing. This is how we found her a few moments later.

This kid has a food addiction (I wonder where she gets it from) - notice how clever she is at finding all the "yummy" food.

To be fair on the little one, she does enjoy helping mummy put things away. Like the groceries and clean clothes, etc.


Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

Fuuny how that works...Enzo gets his love for food from me, I am sure of it! Good job getting out on a date. My husband and I need to be better about that...not so easy when you don't have family nearby. We had some friends we switched off date nights with every other week but it kind of faded out, schedules no longer clicked.

Dal, Hel & Bel said...

yeah, we find it hard too having no family close by to just leave Bel with whenever the need arises. We are about to visit Dal's family (28 days and counting) for five weeks and I can't WAIT for the opportunity to leave Bel with Grandma!